Important Update Regarding KREC

Happy New Year! As you’ve likely heard, we’ve worked with UCLA Recreation for you to get LA Fitness passes and/or Wooden Center Fitness passes for as long as KREC is closed. To take advantage of this option, just go to the desk at the Wooden Center and tell them you’re a KREC user in need of an LA Fitness Pass.

Graduate students and Recreation members who opted in to LA Fitness in December are already in LA Fitness’s membership database. For those who enroll this week, your access to LA Fitness will begin Monday, January 9. For those who enroll at UCLA Recreation (UREC) Sales & Service during Week 1 (Jan 9 – 13), access to LA Fitness will begin Tuesday, January 17. After that point, UREC will provide a voucher that the patron will take directly to LA Fitness to acquire their membership card. While graduate students may receive emails during the KREC relocation period, all pertinent LA Fitness information is now located on their Recreation receipt and will be posted on the KREC relocation website next week.
In spite of what Recreation staff has been saying, Assistant Vice Chancellor Mick Deluca confirmed to me yesterday that Graduate students ARE NOT held to any usage requirements in order to maintain their LA Fitness membership, but will be encouraged to communicate with UREC if they no longer wish to utilize LA Fitness. As UREC will need to verify current enrollment status, Graduate students will need to opt in again in March for Spring Quarter LA Fitness access. More information will be released about Spring Quarter renewals in the coming weeks.

I’m sorry it has taken so long for the administration to get us details of precisely how this program will work; and I’m sorry that many of you will have to make a special trip to Wooden, or lack access to LA fitness for several days as you’re waiting for your access to kick in. But we’ve come a long way from the time when it seemed uncertain we’d ever get a replacement gym, and administrators said LA fitness passes would be simply out of the question due to costs; and I’m very excited for the much better replacement facility we should get in the summer.

Thank you all so much for joining us in the advocacy that made this happen!

Michael Skiles
Student Body President
Graduate Chair, UC Council of the Presidents

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