The GSA Cabinet is comprised of the four elected officers — President, the Vice President of Internal Affairs, the Vice President of External Affairs, and the Vice President of Academic Affairs — and a number of appointed members who are responsible for specific areas of GSA activity, such as discretionary funding, elections, or the Melnitz Movies program.

The Cabinet carries out the day to day business of the Association, and a Cabinet vote is necessary for certain expenditures of GSA funds. Cabinet meetings are chaired by the President, and are held as often as necessary, usually about once every three weeks.

All Cabinet positions are stipended. 2015-2016 stipend amounts were: President $870/month for 12 months, Vice Presidents $725/month for 12 months, most Directors ~$1600/quarter for three quarters.

Cabinet members report to GSA Forum at appropriate intervals on their various activities. The current Cabinet members are as follows:

Officers Directors