What Is Forum?

Forum is the governing assembly of the Graduate Students Association, and comprises the representatives of the 13 Councils and 2 votes from the Student Interest Board. Forum is chaired by the GSA Vice President – Internal Affairs.

What Forum Does?

Forum discusses and takes positions on current issues affecting graduate students, hears reports from GSA representatives on other bodies such as the Student Health Advisory Committee or the ASUCLA Board of Directors. Forum has budget approval authority over the Central Office budget, and also approves all stipended and non-stipended appointments made by the Appointments Board and the president. Forum meetings are usually at 5:30-7:30pm in Ackerman A201A, and are open to students.

When Does Forum Meet?

All meetings are 5:30-7:00pm in Ackerman Viewpoint Conference Room unless otherwise noted.

Weekly Financial Report

The GSA Financial Report contains the complete to-date expenditures and allocations for all GSA funds. The report is updated weekly. Click here to view the most recent GSA Financial Reports.

Forum Documents

Both of the following forms MUST be turned in at the first Forum meeting in order for a council and its delegates to be seated. These forms also setup the council funds. Until these forms are turned in, no council can access its funds.